Aged care home Byron Bay

Where Everyone is encouraged to live their life the way they want to live it.

Aged Care Reimagined

Aged care home Byron Bay reimagined – a stunning Queenslander style home for seniors nestled in the hinterland with 24/7 live-in care.

A subtropical paradise with supported living for a select number of seniors from a team with decades of care experience.

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Let's Compare

Traditional Homes Honey Bee Homes
Resident to staff ratio 13 residents to one staff member 3 residents to one staff member
Deposit before you move in (RAD) Yes. $600k – 1.2 million No RAD, just a weekly, monthly or annual fee
Easy and straight forward Application Process No Yes
You live in a real house No Yes
Number of residents Often more than 100 Max. 5
Couples are welcome Sometimes Yes
Your own privately furnished room in a beautiful Queenslander No Yes
Your carers and nurses spend quality time with you every day Sometimes Yes
Where it feels like a home No Yes

The Northern Rivers NSW

Renowned for its healthy lifestyle

A home, not an aged care facility

Mitchelton, our quaint Queenslander near Byron Bay, offers an intimate home environment for a maximum of six residents. The residence exudes a comforting ambience, creating a sense of pride for both residents and their visiting parents.

Nestled in the serene far North Coast, it provides a sanctuary with private, sunlit rooms showcasing subtropical valley views and modern ensuites. Mitchelton captures the essence of a cherished home, where residents and guests alike take pride in its welcoming atmosphere and scenic surroundings.

One carer to three residents

With a ratio of one carer to three residents, your loved one will flourish in a close-knit environment, where a small, highly skilled team is dedicated to their well-being. This unique approach fosters deep trust and familiarity, allowing residents to build lasting connections with our committed staff.

Our team’s expertise ensures individualized attention, creating a home-like atmosphere that enhances overall quality of life. Prioritize your loved one’s comfort, security, and happiness with our team that goes above and beyond in providing exceptional care.

The best of Europe in Australia

Tried and tested in Europe for decades, yet almost unique to Australia, this boutique shared care-home at Coorabell near Byron Bay, has just six bedrooms.  That’s why we can truly call this aged care reimagined.

It’s a place where seniors want to be. Where you’ll never see a uniform, a stainless steel trolley or vinyl floor. Just a beautiful Queenslander with stunning valley views and permanent live-in support from a small team, providing the highest quality personalised care.

Life at Honey Bee Homes

Your life, your way.

Where meal times are just like home, served in your own dining room and only better because you don’t have to do all the cooking.

  • Where barista quality coffee is served and a well-stocked drinks trolley is wheeled onto your deck for evening sunset drinks.
  • Where you catch the aroma a freshly baked cake coming from the oven, made especially for your morning tea.
  • Where you can sit at the dining table in your pyjamas
    reading the paper, or if you prefer, enjoy your cup of tea in bed.
  • Where you can take a beach walk before breakfast.
  • Where movies, pottering in your own garden, cafes and
    sightseeing are built into your every week.
  • Where you can stay for a week or move in permanently.
  • Where boredom is not an option.
Aged Care Home Byron Bay