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What will I do today?

What does your normal day look like? Waking up, sitting at the dining table in your pyjamas reading the paper? Waking up and enjoying a cup of tea in bed reading a book? A beach walk before breakfast? It’s all up to you really. Movies, gardening, cafes and walks. Boredom is not an option. We also want to support you to remain connected in your local community; to attend CWA meetings, church groups, tai chi classes, local galleries and libraries, whilst we continue to promote and develop dementia friendly communities.

We do

Things differently

If the thought of your mother, father or friend living with sixty other people fills you with dread, give us a call. We do things differently.

  • A shared home for 6 people, we welcome couples.
  • 4 bedrooms
  • Privately operated
  • The first boutique home in the Northern Rivers.

Wound management, behaviour management, palliative care, low and high level care, dementia care, medication management, lifestyle choices, nutrition.

We will develop a thorough understanding of each resident and give consideration to your cultural background, personal history, social and family network.  We offer flexibility in daily routine, your life your way. We offer an opportunity for residents to participate in domestic activities such as meal preparation, collecting eggs from the chickens, shopping. Residents have access to the outside areas to enjoy gardening, supervised bush walks for example.

At Honey Bee we strongly believe that quality of life is vital and therefore we make every effort to get to know our residents so we can offer individualised care. We don’t define our residents by their disease but offer a nurturing environment so they are able to feel safe and secure. Honey Bee looks, feels and smells like a real home. We understand the needs of people living with dementia and the fluctuating trajectory of the disease. We are flexible and well trained in all aspects of care.

Round-the-clock support, ensures a safe, secure and comfortable level of independence. We work closely with residents and family members, medical and allied health professionals to help design and deliver a support service that is based on the needs of you or your family member. All our staff are qualified in dementia care delivery, with vast knowledge, experience and wisdom in the area. All daily care is reviewed and supported by a Registered Nurse.

Each person’s care needs are different, and we understand that these can also change. As care needs become more complex, we can offer 1:1 carer options.

We support end of life care, this is the last few weeks of life in which a resident with a life-limiting illness is rapidly approaching death. We see this phase of palliative care as one in which increased services and support are essential to ensure quality, coordinated care from the care team, is being delivered. We feel it is important to provide care that helps residents live their life as fully and as comfortably as possible. We understand the importance of family inclusion when living with a life-limiting or terminal illness, particularly at end of life.

We want to ensure the delivery of care you deserve. The current residential aged care model is reliant on funding and therefore struggles to offer quality staff to resident ratios. We ensure there is dignity in care delivery.

The best

Meal of the day

Nutritional food is medicine and we will prepare as much local and seasonal produce as possible, involving residents in the collaborative menu designs.

The menus are designed to support those living with dementia, poor immune systems, heart disease, respiratory diseases and diabetes.

All diets and preferences catered to, including continental and traditional meal options.

We have a barista quality coffee machine and a well-stocked drinks trolley.

  • Avocado Toast – egg, tahini, toasted seed mix on sourdough toast
  • Almond Butter toast with Bananas and toasted coconut – drizzled with Honey Bee Homes honey
  • Superfood granola energy bar
  • Banana Smoothie with oats and chia
  • Growers market lunch – Cauliflower, Kale and Parmesan Cake – finger food or served with salad.
  • From the garden lunch – Spring Frittata – chard, asparagus and onion – served with salad
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter balls
  • Wholegrain banana bread
  • Roast Pumpkin and ginger soup
  • Honey Garlic Salmon and market vegetables/salad
  • Pear and Dark Chocolate Almond Crumble
  • Mango coconut cheesecake

Have some questions?


We have created a home where we would be delighted for our own parents to live. We wanted it to be somewhere they would be happy to invite their family and friends to visit, to share a meal and spend quality time together as they would in their own homes. 

We want to change the face of aged care, move away from traditional residential aged care with its dementia specific units, dementia wings, and poor staff ratios.

Our innovative approach has the added benefit of being a wonderful work environment where our passionate staff love working.

Anyone with extra care needs.

It is not an easy decision for any family but we hope to make the process easier and less stressful for everyone.

We also offer accommodation for couples to live together. For many people who have been in a long-term relationship they are comforted by the presence of their partner and that the absence of that partner causes great distress. Moving homes is stressful enough, let’s take one less stress out of the event.

Small scale living is not a new concept—it’s been tried and tested in Europe for decades and we believe it’s the best solution. It’s a boutique home for elders who require assistance in day to day living, and because of the small number of residents, means that all care and living conditions are completely individualised.

As we are privately operated and not subsidised by the government  we do not require you to obtain an Aged Care Assessment (ACAT). Means testing is not compulsory, unlike a nursing home. 

Room rates start from $600 per night include:

  • day to day living costs such as meals, cleaning, laundry, heating, maintenance. There are a variety of wellness packages included in this cost, such as aromatherapy, exercise programs, nutrition education, social outings.
  • the room you’ll be living in. Every room has a price that is based upon the room type and its features.
  • 24 hr nursing care
  • Allied health reviews


Yes, we offer a minimum stay of 1 week. It’s a holiday stay with a difference, we can offer as much care as you need, while you rest and recuperate, or just enjoy what this beautiful region has to offer.

The name comes from our respect for the amazing honey bee colony. They are social creatures and are respected for their seamless team work. Honey bees complete many jobs over their lifetime, like nursemaid, caretaker and cleaner. If a task needs to be completed, any available bee will jump on to it, making for an efficient and harmonious society.

Honey bees provide a model for a caring, compassionate community that works through attentiveness, communication and hard work.  When we work together we can also create a dynamic and peaceful community.



Northern Rivers is the most north-easterly region of New South Wales, a region gifted with beautiful, world renowned beaches and rainforests, an amazing climate, delicious fresh produce, entrepreneurial and creative flair and a history of strong community connectivity.
Coolamon Scenic Drive, Coorabell.
Coorabell sits between the lovely towns of Bangalow and Mullumbimby along Coolamon Scenic Drive. Hidden gullies give way to delightful views of remnant rainforest stands and green pockets of farming country. The traditional owners of this ancient land are part of the Bundjalung nation. 

Mitchelton is a charming Queenslander built prewar that has been relocated to Coorabell with magnificent rural valley views. This renovated Queenslander oozes charm with 4 bedrooms beautifully styled offering all the comforts you need.   

Covered al fresco deck for dining and lounging, that overlooks the vegetable gardens, chickens, the beehives and the most wonderful sunsets. We welcome pets and we are close to Bangalow and Byron Central Hospital.